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In recent years, garden decking has become one of the most popular and cost-effective ways to improve both the appeal and the practicality of gardens. Timber decking in particular has shown itself as a practical and easy-to-work solution. Indeed almost every gardener, if you are a downright beginner or an experienced home handyman, can create a useful and attractive area of wood decking and around the country there are many holiday areas where caravan decking has been used to create a pleasing feature that also adds useable space.

In these environmentally conscious days, it makes good sense to choose garden decking that comes sustainable sources, so look out for FSC-approved timber decking that has been pre-treated to give many years of reliable all weather performance. Remember too that lichen growth can make a wooden surface slippery in wet weather, so choose wood decking with a grooved surface for extra safety, especially when considering caravan decking which is often laid in exposed coastal areas.

One of the great benefits of timber decking of course is that it is relatively easy to work using simple DIY tools and equipment. This means that any garden decking project should not be beyond the reach of most average homeowners. Caravan decking however is often installed with steps and at a raised height to reach the doorways so it may pay to call in more expert help to install this type of wood decking.

Pick garden decking carefully

Garden decking is especially suitable for use on uneven, damp or wet ground as well as on both level and sloping sites. All sorts of timber decking kits are readily available and most incorporate different kinds of wood decking boards as well as stairs, railings and balustrades. For the creative gardener, there are also kits with pergolas and panels leading to many design possibilities, both at home and for caravan decking. Design flexibility is the key.

One of the most appealing aspects of garden decking is that it can be readily combined with other garden features and hard landscaping to create a timber decking feature that will become the centrepiece of any garden setting, whether in the traditional country cottage or the stylish contemporary home. Many gardeners use wood decking to incorporate planting schemes, ponds and decorative statues and of course the same is equally true for caravan decking installations although perhaps on a different scale.

The fact that garden decking is lighter and easier to handle than traditional hard landscaping materials like paving, bricks and blocks, and because timber decking needs no specialised contractors or wet trades, there is usually far less work involved when constructing a wood decking or a caravan decking. This is especially advantageous when building any raised areas too, as the entire structure will be less heavy.

However you look at it though, what makes all kinds of timber decking so useful is its exceptional versatility and ease of use. Just about anyone can create a pleasing and practical design that will give useful extra space for all kinds of entertaining and recreational activities yet at a surprisingly modest cost.

Mildew on composite decking?

Mildew on composite decking?

We built a deck (2 1/2 years ago) primarily out of “Choice Deck” composite decking (spindles are wood). Last year we noticed black mildew on the floor and pressure washed it w/a soap specifically for pressure washing decks, mildew, etc. This year, it looks real bad, with mildew spots all over the floor decking. we love having composite, but though it would fairly maintenance free, aside form regular cleaning. It gets full sun, so never has standing water on it.

What is the best way to clean it AND how can we prevent this from continuing to happen? I’m afraid bleach will ruin the color.

The retailer didn’t talk us into it. We have built wood decks before and chose composite this time because many of our friends and family members have had composite decks for years and love them. None of them have this problem, or we would have reconsidered.

We don’t mind hard work and do maintain our home. That’s why we want it to look nice and CLEAN. I know decks need to be cleaned, we don’t mind doing that. I know that some mildewing is normal, but this mildewing is excessive, so we want to make sure we are cleaning it properly to avoid additional staining.

Honestly, it gets full sun all day from the back…there are no trees near our house.

Maybe we got a bad batch…

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